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Guns and Accessories For Sale

Please check out our listing of guns and accessories for sale on Go to the dealer section and lookup  T J Stevens, for our latest offers.

We are Stockists of the following

Diving Equipment

Posiedon,  Buddy (AP Valves),  Beaver Watersports,  Faber Cylinders, Sea & Sea, Sherwood, IST, Drager .  we can source most major brands of diving equipment if required

Shooting Supplies

Please note whilst we can arrange next day delivery from our suppliers on most items, Ammunition, Shooters powders, Primers and Percussion caps are classed as dangerous goods and can only be transported by approved courier.  This service can take up to 5 days to deliver goods. An express courier service for dangerous goods is available but it is very expensive. If you need it quick we can probably arrange it.

Shotguns, Rifles and Air Rifles from

FAIR, Lincoln, Breda, H&K, Colt, Air Arms,  Hammerli,  Cometa,  Daisy,  Beeman, Remington, SMK, Marlin, Diana, Gunpower , Sako, Tikka, CZ, Uberti, Pedersoli.

Blackpowder Revolvers and Pistols From

Euroarms, Uberti, Pedersoli, Pietta, Ardesa

Rifle and Shotgun Ammunition from

Prvi Partizan, Remington, Value, CCI, Eley, RWS, American Eagle, Hornaby, Hull Cartridge, Henry Krank.

Shooting Accessories from

Bisley,  Parker Hale,  David Nickerson, Oxbow, Birchwood Casey,  Caldwell, Tasco, Richter Optik, Napier,  Brattonsound, Peltor, MTM and many more.

Reloading Supplies from

Lee, Hornady, IMR, Alliant, Ramshot, Sierra, Bertram, Frankford Arsenal, Simplex, Mtm.

As you can imagine the list is endless, and we cannot stock everything. If you are diving, shooting, paintballing give us a call as if we haven't got it, we can get it for you.

Engineering Services

We also offer a bespoke mechanical engineering services producing single items and  small quantities of precision parts and repairs.  Specialist welding services on such materials as stainless steel, aluminium, magnesium are also available if required.

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