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Some years ago because of our expertise in high quality, high pressure air engineering,  we were approached by many air rifle owners regarding repairs and servicing, as many of the local dealers were unable or unwilling to conduct these repairs.  with the result that many guns had to be returned to the manufacturer for repair, a process that could take some time. 

Section 3 of the Firearms Act 1968 makes it an offence for someone to repair or test firearms without being registered as a firearms dealer, as a result we duly became registered firearms dealers with Devon & Cornwall Police Authority,  authorised for both sale and repair of  air rifles including section 1 air weapons. All weapon repairs are carried out to the manufacturers specifications and are tested by chronograph to ensure compliance with legislation, before collection by the owner.

It is worth checking with the dealer or business where you purchase your firearm, to find out if they are authorised to carry out repairs and testing, if they are not and a fault occurs with your gun, they will have to send the weapon away for repair. We can repair on site, and normally fairly quickly provided we have the parts.

The shooting side of the business has developed with many  air rifle users owning other types of weapon as well, and over the intervening years we have increased the scope of the business and now cover, sales, service and repairs on  all classes of section 1 and 2 weapons, rifles and shotguns.  As the variety of firearms is endless we only carry a small stock of new or used guns, however if you have a specific requirement please contact us as we will be pleased to give you a competitive quotation. 

We also keep a range of spare parts and accessories, as well as tested pre used cylinders for charging air rifles at very competitive prices

If you require specific ammunition on a regular basis, please give us a call for a quotation, and we will be happy to keep small quantities of stock for you

Dealer to Dealer Transfers

Under the terms of the firearms act, it is illegal to sell weapons by mail order, the final handover of the weapon must be conducted face to face.  If you are purchasing  weapons on the internet  the majority of  sellers will accept dealer to dealer transfers, to allow them to comply with face to face end user transfer regulations.  We are happy to accept such transfers for a small fee.

If you are selling weapons on the internet, again we are happy to assist in dealer to dealer transfer, however all costs for shipping and dealer fees, must be paid in full before we can begin transfer. Please contact us for details

When conducting sales or dealer transfers, we will require to see the original of your shotgun or firearms certificate showing any authorisation of weapons and or ammunition to be purchased or acquired, before we can hand over a firearm. Please therefore make sure that your paperwork is correct or we will be unable to proceed with a sale or transfer. Weapons that cannot be transferred due to paperwork problems will be stored at the owners expense, this storage fee must be paid before we will release a weapon.

Black Powder Weapons

There has always been great interest in the shooting and re-enactment communities in the use of  black powder, be it flintlock, percussion, muzzle loading or any combination that ancient weapons may have.

Following the legislation which banned most handguns, there was a large increase in the use of muzzle loading and percussion hand guns. Should you have a requirement for this type of gun, please contact us.

We stock a range of live firing replica black powder weapons, together with accessories.  we also stock percussion caps, black powder and black powder substitutes such as pyrodex.

When purchasing black powder we will require to see your Certificate to Acquire and Keep Explosives issued under the Control of Explosives Regulations 1991, as well as your RCA document, before we can commence a sale.

Shotgun Barrel Dent & Ding Removal

We have the equipment to remove dents and dings from shotgun barrels, however if the metal of the  barrel appears to have been damaged creased, deformed or bent, the barrel will require reproofing before it can be used again. Please contact us for details.

Weapon Decomissioning and Deactivation

We can provide engineering services to decommission and permanently deactivate weapons to be used for display purposes, again please contact us for details of this service   

Reloading Supplies

Whilst we keep a limited stock of reloading supplies for both rifles and shotguns, we are happy to quote for anything that you may require

Paintball and Airsoft

We keep a small stock of paint ball guns, paintballs, thunder flashes, paint grenades, smoke grenades, and powder land mines,  however if you require any  paintball or airsoft equipment please call us for a price

We also repair paintball and airsoft weapons.


We are agents for Barnett and Petron archery products, whilst we only keep a few items in stock, please contact us for a price as we can have most items delivered in 48 hours

Air and CO2 cylinders

We always have a stock of new and tested pre used cylinders at competitive prices for sale, please contact us for details

Also in stock  88g and 12g disposable CO2 cylinders. 

Large paintball 12oz and 20oz CO2 refillable cylinders.  We can refill these cylinders by prior arrangement

We also conduct statutory testing and certification of high pressure air cylinders to BS EN 1968 2002 Steel Cylinders, BS EN 1802 2002 Alloy Cylinders  and HSE-AL-FW2 Carbon Fibre Wrapped Cylinders.

Cylinder Testing Information

Cylinders must be tested on a regular basis depending on there configuration and usage.  No matter what type of cylinder you have, it is illegal for a compressor operator to fill an out of date cylinder.

Steel and Aluminium Cylinders

There is some confusion as to what testing is required of an high pressure air cylinder. A cylinder that can be used for diving (Wet Service), ie one with a normal pillar valve needs to be inspected visually every 2.5 years and hydrostatically pressure tested every 5 years from new

A cylinder that is not taken underwater (Dry Service) only requires hydrostatically pressure testing every 10 years. This is a cylinder with a valve with pressure gauge and bleed screw

Some aluminium cylinders will also require a non destructive eddy current test conducted on the threads that hold the valve into the cylinder.  We can only advise if your cylinder needs this type of test when you bring it in.

Provided your cylinder passes the visual and pressure tests there is no time limit on how long your cylinders life is. We regularly see cylinders that are 40 years old passing their tests.

Carbon Fibre Wrapped (Lightweight) Cylinders

These lightweight cylinders can be used for filling PCP air rifles however, they are subject to 5 yearly inspection and pressure testing.  If there is ANY visible damage to the cylinder fibre wrapping, or if the cylinder has been painted over the fibre wrapping, the cylinder must be destroyed.  Should the cylinder fail the pressure test again it will be destroyed.

Unlike Steel and Aluminium cylinders, carbon fibre wrapped cylinders have a life span of 15 years after which they must be destroyed.  The date of manufacture is clearly shown on a label bonded into the resin coating.  The regulations do not allow for any extension of this time.

Safety Notice

Many Pre Charged Pneumatic rifles with integral high pressure reservoirs, such as Air Arms, Sam Yang etc have a safety notice etched into the side of the reservoir stating that it should be inspected internally every two years. It is essential that this notice is complied with as serious injury could result if the reservoir was to rupture. We are happy to carry out these safety  inspections for a modest fee.  

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